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The Best At-home Fetal Doppler

Get peace of mind quickly when you don’t feel your baby move in a while with VitaSonus Fetal Doppler. It helps you to track you fetal heartbeats easily at home and allow you to share this amazing feeling with your love ones. Just imagine you and your husband can together feel your baby, knowing that this little cute creature is still growing up day by day

Why You Will Love It

OLED HD Display

VitaSonus offers an OLED HD screen and three different modes for monitoring your baby’s heartbeat: real-time display, average rate, and a dynamic curve chart that can track changes over time.

Highly Accurate Readings

Our advanced fetal doppler utilizes cutting-edge multi-sensor technology to accurately distinguish fetal and maternal heartbeats, providing the most precise results possible.

Advanced Noise Cancellation

Experience the crystal-clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat with our intelligent noise cancellation technology that effectively minimizes any background noises.

High BMI Moms Can Use

VitaSonuse utilizes multi-sensor technology and a highly sensitive probe to detect fetal heartbeats, even for mothers with a higher BMI.

FDA & CE Cleared

The VitaSonus Fetal Doppler is FDA cleared, ensuring complete safety for both mothers and babies (K180419).

Headphone & Built-in speaker 

Enjoy the beautiful sound of your baby’s heartbeat with the VitaSonus Fetal Doppler. Share the joy with those around you using the built-in speaker or enjoy a private moment by connecting your headphones.

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275 reviews

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Janet Y

Very Helpful

It was such an exciting experience when I can listening to my baby everyday, I can feel a strong connection between our heartbeats.

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Keith M

Loud and clear!

A worthy purchase, I used to hate buying online, but now I know this thing has made me change my mind. The beat sound is very clear, and so real.

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Sana M

Just what I needed!!

I am 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The heart beat sounds like the ultrasound. Amazing tools!

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Mirinda R

My daughter loves it!

The packaged arrived in 5 days and well-packed. My daughter was so happy with it. The heart sound is so real.

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Tiziii R


This is the second one I bought. I give it as a gift to my friend. Glad she love it!

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First time mom, quite confusing when baby does not kick. I went give it a try and it works just beyond my expectations.

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Listen To Your Baby's Heartbeats In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Apply a decent amount of gel to the faceplate of the VitaSonus’s probe

Step 2

Move the probe around slowly until you hear a clear and rhythmic heart sound. Enjoy the feeling of listening to your little one.

Step 3

Stop moving the probe, wait for about 15 seconds for the BPM reading to come up once the probe picks up the heartrate.

Fetal Heart Position Reference Map

Early Stage

(before 20 weeks) 5 points right below the navel or nearby

Medium Stage

(24-32 weeks) 4 points on the right/left sides of the navel or on the right/left sides below the navel *As the fetus grows, the fetal heartposition moves upward gradually

Late Stage

(32-40 weeks) 4 points on the right/left sides of the navel or on the right/left sides below the navel *Fetal heart is generally on the left if the fetal movement feels on the right side and vice versa.

What's in the package

-1 x VitaSonus Fetal Doppler

-1 x Ultrasound Gel 60g Tube

-1 x User Manual

*AA Batteries not included