Stretch Wifi Coverage In a Minute With Netex Wifi Booster

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Introducing Netex Wifi Booster

In this world of fast-pacing internet connection, buffering becomes an irritating experience to anyone. It is not easy to accept interruption all the time when browsing, surfing the social media or working. The main cause of this can be from ISP’s fault, building structure, or especially low-coverage wifi router. If you want to upgrade it, you have to subscribe to a pricer monthly plan.

Netex, a Wifi Extender would solve your connectivity issues and make your whole experience much more enjoyable. You don’t need to purchase new routers for each floor or an enhanced package deal. This plug-in wifi extender would help to invigorate your internet connection in less than a minute.

There are many reasons why the internet is so poor in your home. The first thing you should do is checking with your ISP to make sure nothing problematic happen. Then, you take a look at your router, is it too old to operate? Your building structure also has an impact as multiple floors, thick concrete or stone walls all block the signal, which inherently has a short-range coverage.

To make it worse, too many people access to the network in the same time can lead to network congestion.If the first two reasons are not the matter, then you should know there is a quick solution to the rest, Netex Wifi Booster. It help to amplify your existing weak wireless signal to provide a stronger and reliable connection to blocked spaces, no ethernet cable needed.

What People Have to Say About Netex Wifi Booster

Thousands of satisfied customers all over the world recognized it as a wifi game-changer

I originally bought this to extend the WiFi in our house to the garage for several items that are connected to WiFi. It was easy to set up and worked well as a WiFi Extender. I then decided to see if it could replace our Asus AC-1900 access point while providing a strong signal in the garage. It was easy to set up with our Mikrotik router and provided a strong signal in the garage. At this time I am very satisfied with the results.

I had a different brand of extender before this that always provided spotty coverage, dropped signals, and speeds lower than advertised. It was also a huge PIA to set up and frequently needed to be recalibrated. The Netex is the complete opposite. Rock solid signal, easy setup, and super high speeds. It provides a better signal and coverage than the router provided by our ISP. I have not had to mess with configuration once since the initial setup. Highly recommend.

You’re probably wondering if these things actually work. I know I was. This solved my connection issues completely. My house is made of reinforced concrete so a basic router has a tough time reaching the whole house. I tried a cheaper one at first for like $25, and although it did work, it cut my internet speed in about half. Not ideal for a gamer. This one, however, works even better. Full bars in the whole house and no speed loss at all. Great product.

Live with poor connection or live with strong connection? You decide!

How Does It Work?

The Netex picks up the Wi-Fi signal from your router and retransmits it, effectively doubling the coverage area of your wireless network, which eliminate wifi dead zone. With universal compatibility, it can be adapted to various router, access points, and service provider gateways.

To set up the Netex, you should first choose a suitable location, further away from the router, but not in a total signal-free zone. Then, do nothing than plug it in, no extra steps needed. The booster will receive the existing signal and rebroadcasts it. Additionally, cordless design also makes it possible for a more flexible usage, which means you can take it anywhere you want.

Netex's Main Features

How Much Does It Cost?

An alternative to extend wifi range could be changing ISP, getting a new router, or upgrading a better yet pricer data plan. Counting on long-term benefits, it is better to have a wifi booster that is affordable while remaining the quality like Netex.

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