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Cordless Water Flosser

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“I purchased this model after owning the less expensive model which came to the end of its useful “life”. This model holds more water, is rechargeable, the reservoir comes off easily for cleaning, and has six power settings. I have owned it for about 3 weeks and so far it is wonderful.”

Benjamin J.

Houston, TX


Based on 297 reviews

Good, but a little late for me

Modawg Burton

Not a fan of flossing, never have been. Wanted to find something to keep my teeth cleaner and this is working for me. Had to play around with the settings and the different tips to find one that was comfortable for me. Been using this for a while and I’m happy with it and the results. However, I would expect it arrive sooner.

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Buying a second one

Charles Varnuum

Then I got a Dentaxa. After using this for the 3 months in between cleanings, my gum health was night and day better. I had a 6mm pocket that shrank to 4mm, and several 2-3mm areas that are down to 1’s and 2’s.

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Dentist Recommended

Quen C

I didn’t buy this because I wanted it, I bought it because my dentist wanted to talk about recession. I thought we were going to have a conversation about politics, no, gums. I use this thing every night and I’ll tell you what, it works. You think you’ve flossed or used those plastic things well, but you’ll see you didn’t get all.

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I didn't give it 5 stars only because its tank is quite small.

Laurie Benson

I used to have an older model and needed a replacement I saw this one and was able to get it on sale. It’s great I love the 3 settings on it and the batter lever indicator. I also like the magnetic charger unlike the old version where you had to plug it into the flosser. The only complaint I have is the water basin is smaller and doesn’t hold as much as my older model but the upgraded features outweigh that.

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Jessie C.

This is perfect. If you don’t like a countertop tooth brush. There are several heads for different styles of washing your mouth out and your teeth. It charges and stays charge for a long time perfect size and perfect amount of water storage.

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Would give 5 stars except for 1 detail

Janet B.

Well made. Works well either standing by the sink or in the shower. Ergonomically excellent. My gums are better after daily use. One thing is that the water is so strong, I can’t get used to it now.

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A must have


I love this waterpik. I noticed a big difference after using the waterpik after a week. It is easy to use and to charge. This is perfect to travel it and a must have. I love new technology.

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Work really well

Bobby D

It seems to be durable this far. Purchased other brands and they last 6 months max. This is made well and I really like the charger.

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Taylor Host

Great product to take with me on trips when needing to water floss on the road. The water does run out quick on this. A little frustrating but it works. Holds charge, comes with a carrying tote. Would recommend.

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You readlly need this if you have braces

Jonathon Burton

My son has braces and this has been really helpful in keeping his teeth clean, and has been much more easier to floss. I wish I could have bought sooner then having to pay for an extra cleaning when appointment wasn’t due an insurance couldn’t cover.

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The best for real!


I have to thank my dentist who recommended the product. My teeth have never been so clean.

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It needs more than 5 stars.


I absolutely love my Dentaxa! My gums look noticeably healthier, and my mouth feels so much cleaner. I thought about this purchase for years and finally decided to give it a try, should’ve gotten on this train sooner!

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No need for dental floss

Lily C.

Works great, wife has had one for a couple years, and she kept telling me that I should get one. Imagine that, she was right.

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Mario Bailey

Exactly what I ordered. Shipping and timing was fast.

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Does the job well

David H.

Works fine no issues so far for my wife or myself and easy to use.

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Replacement of a manual flosser, plus it does such a thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas in my mouth.

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