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A New Solution For Your Muscle And Joint Pain

Are you currently experiencing numbing, stabbing pain? If so, you’re not alone, and we understand how it can dominate your daily life. This persistent pain could lead to more severe consequences, such as surgery, and dependence on painkillers.

However, the Healthingo Whole Body Massager harnesses the power of Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). In just 15 minutes a day, this innovative device targets the affected areas, effectively reversing pain and restoring the health of your muscles and joints.

The Science Behind Healthingo's Technology

We embarked on a journey of rigorous testing and invested over $178000 in our experiment to come out with the Healthingo Whole Body Massager – a perfect combination of scientifically backed electrical stimulation.

Targeting Nerves and Muscles: The electrical impulses from the sticky pad electrodes precisely target specific nerves and muscles in the designated area. 
Increased Blood Circulation: That stimulation lead to increased blood circulation in the treated area. allowing for more efficient delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the nerves and surrounding tissues.
Instant Relief: The laboratory-proven frequencies used in the massager contribute to alleviating swelling, providing further relief from pain.

How Healthingo Can Help?

Offer freedom from discomfort right from the first use
Target specific nerves and muscles
Promote blood circulation at treated areas
Aid in the regeneration of damaged nerve cells
Offer a non-invasive approach to relieve pain
Hassle-free and convenient to use
Address the root cause of the problem
Contribute to sustained relief
Suitable for various conditions

The Perfect In-Home Therapy

The convenience of using Healthingo in the comfort of one’s home for just 15 minutes a day makes it an ideal in-home therapy solution.

Say goodbye to relying on painkillers or visiting clinics; with Healthingo, you can experience a holistic, non-invasive approach to healing and enjoy the freedom of a pain-free life right at your fingertips.

Professionally Designed & Recommended

With Healthingo, users can confidently embrace a path to healing, knowing that it was invented by a team of medical experts.
Its design and functionality also earned the endorsement of healthcare professionals, making it a trusted choice for those seeking a safe and effective remedy.

Healthingo Whole Body Massager vs Others



Lasting pain relief


Easy to use, wireless, and fully rechargeable

Strengthens muscles & improves range of motion

Stops muscle spasms

Prevents muscle atrophy

Side-effects & addiction

Reduces Cost $$$

Trusted by 3,500+ people

Noble Tomasik

2 reviews

Mar 16, 2023

I love this massager. It massages me very well and is amazing for pain relief. Also tickles if you massage your feet.

Noble Tomasik

1 reviews

Apr 2, 2023

Within a minute, this massager gets the “knot” out of my lower back! It is a miracle. I use it whenever I need it.

Noble Tomasik

2 reviews

Feb 24, 2023

Because of its effectiveness and to keep peace in the family, I will be buying 2 more for my friends.

How To Use It?

Plug in the USB cable to the host and charge it. When fully charged the blue light will turn off.

Attach the host to the sticky pad, remove the transparent film, press TWICE the ON button.

Put the Healthingo on and select your suitable mode and enjoy for 15 minutes.

People Are Raving About This Whole Body Massager

Rated 4.8 / 5 Based On 3,938 Customer Reviews

Rebeca W.

This is a great massager, serving its purpose well. So well, in fact, that I may order another one. This massager is not light and compact. I don’t expect this one to last that long, considering how everything is made these days, but who knows?. And the price is so right.

Andrew P.

I bought this vibrator to massage my feet and toes to help reduce/eliminate nerve tingling and pain in my toes. It seems to do the trick as after about 5 minutes or so of massage the nerve pain is greatly reduced and the tingling is almost unnoticeable. This also works on other parts of the body.

Birgit F.

This massager comes very close to the one I’ve just about worn out that is made by another brand. I have been trying to find just the right vibration frequency to match the other, and I do believe I have come close. Very good for massaging. And great for the other mentioned uses as well.

Have a Question?

Yes, the Healthingo is safe to use. The electrical impulses are controlled and designed to mimic the body’s natural nerve signals. However, it is essential to follow the manual carefully before using it.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Healthingo NMES Massager for 15 minutes daily. Regular use can contribute to sustained relief from foot pain and promote nerve regeneration.

The Healthingo Massager is effective for individuals suffering from various foot-related issues, including neuropathy, swelling, chronic pain, and muscle or joint pain in different areas.

Yes, the Healthingo offers multiple massage modes and intensity levels. You can select and adjust them to suit your comfort and specific needs.

We recommend to consult with your doctor before using the Whole Body Massager if you suffer from any heart disease. 

Our company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any purchases. If you aren’t happy with it, please contact us and get full refund right away.