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RejuMe Was Unanimiously Voted As The Best Microcurrent Device of 2024.
RejuMe's advanced microcurrent technology is designed to fight aging signs and reduce wrinkles.
The best thing about it is that you only have to use it for 5 minutes day to start seeing results.
Suitable for all skin types, completely painless and safe, long-lasting battery, great for toning and sculpting your skin.
RejuMe enhances your skincare product absorption, so it's highly valuable in your skincare treatment.
The quality and effectiveness of RejuMe is regularly independently tested.
Award-winning customer support team is ready 7 days a week to assist you.
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Good for slowing down aging

From the very first week, I noticed my skin felt more toned and alive. It’s been three months now, and the transformation is undeniable. My jawline is more defined, my cheeks are firmer, and those pesky fine lines around my eyes have softened significantly. What I love most is the simplicity of using it.


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From Skeptic to Wow

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. How much could a little device really do for my skin? But after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to give RejuMe a try, and I’m so glad I did. The difference in my skin’s firmness and overall appearance is remarkable. I’ve been using it consistently for about four weeks, focusing on my neck and jawline areas.


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It did make a big difference

The device itself is sleek and easy to handle, and it fits seamlessly into my nightly routine. The results, however, are where RejuMe truly shines. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years. It’s firmer, my complexion is brighter, and those fine lines that seemed to have taken permanent residence on my face are fading away.

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RejuMe Pro + Active Serum

Top Rated Microcurrent Sculpting Device



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Lots of studies show that microcurrent technology can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

People who use it say they notice:

  • Skin that feels tighter
  • A sharper jawline
  • Less wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin that doesn’t sag as much
  • It’s easier on the skin than treatments at the salon
  • Our devices are engineered to mimic your body’s own natural electrical currents, providing a gentle yet effective treatment that speaks directly to your skin’s needs.
  • Unlike others, our RejuMe Pro offers a refined approach that targets the muscles and skin at a cellular level, encouraging collagen production, enhancing elasticity, and fostering an overall tighter, more youthful appearance.
  • Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or new to the game, our technology is designed for ease of use, with adjustable settings that cater to every skin type and concern.


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Rated as the best microcurrent facial device in 2024 by BestBuyPick.com

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If you order the product via this page, we will extend your warranty to 1 year.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product during this time, simply contact us. The award-winning customer support team will be happy to help you. We wish you a safe and 100% risk-free purchase.


RejuMe is the test winner in the beauty device category.

4.8/5 stars in customer satisfaction ratings.

8 questions answered

The most frequently asked questions about RejuMe

Yes! the RejuMe uses advanced microcurrent technology that’s suitable for any skin type – no matter how sensitive your skin might be. Even when being used on the highest power level, you’ll barely feel anything besides gentle muscle contraction on your face.

RejuMe Pro uses safe technology to contract your facial muscles that were never “trained” before – it’s similar as when you’re going to the gym. It trains and tones your facial muscles, while avoiding any kind of inflammation and redness.

It depends on your skin type and how often you use it. We recommend using RejuMe Pro daily for the first month to experience the best results, then you can slowly use it every other day or just two times a week.

Although there’s no real risk in using RejuMe Pro while having Botox, we still recommend you to wait at least 40 days after using botox to start using our device.

Absolutely! RejuMe Pro is designed for home use, so you can save money and time on expensive spa treatments.

This depends on your skin type and how long you’ve been using it. Oftentimes, the results last up to a few months, but we still recommend using RejuMe Pro for a few times a week.

Of course. You can switch between three intensity settings to ensure you avoid inflammation and redness.
While it’s water resistant, we still do not recommend using it under the shower or drowning it under water.

Embrace RejuMe Pro Now & Wave Goodbye to Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

We’re so confident you will love the RejuMe Pro facial device, we’re offering it with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’ll refund your purchase if you don’t see a smoother and more radiant skin. Plus, getting your RejuMe Pro shipped to your door is free. Start your journey with no risk and no extra cost here!

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Verified purchase from Feb 2, 2024

No trouble.

Bought it for my wife. The people I was in contact with were really helpful which was really nice, thanks.


Verified purchase from Dec 11, 2023

Quite effective

Never thought I’d see such a difference, but my fine lines are definitely softer.


Verified purchase from Nov 3, 2023

Best device ever

I love how RejuMe is so easy to use. It fits perfectly into my busy schedule and the results are so worth it. My skin thanks me!


Verified purchase from Dec 25, 2023

Very happy with the purchase

It’s a birthday gift for my daughter, I am so happy that she loves it. It comes with all the features that she wants.


Verified purchase from Nov 7, 2023


I travel a lot for work, and taking RejuMe with me ensures my skin stays in great shape. It’s my little secret weapon.


Verified purchase from Dec 5, 2023

Great Service

Easy and fast ordering process. Hopefully delivery will be just as quick.


Verified purchase from Nov 14, 2023

Highly recommend!

My sister and I both use RejuMe, and we love comparing notes on our improvements. It’s become a fun part of our skincare routine.

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