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Grin More Confidently With Pearl White Teeth

At Dentaxa, we know having white teeth is as important as maintaining oral health. Plaque buildup not only has a negative impact on your teeth but also on your gums and others. Now you can get peace of mind with Dentaxa Plaque Remover, which ensures no tartar, calculus, or stains right at home.  

High-frequency Vibration

With 26000-31000 beats per minute, Dentaxa helps to screw out plaque easily in a blink of an eye without hurting your gums.

3 Vibrational Speed

You can switch between modes to have the best-match vibration intensity. Just feel at ease whenever do your dental care. 


Dentaxa is ultra-compact and portable.  It can fit in any handbag, and won’t take up much space, plus it comes with a convenient USB cord for charging in any standard USB port.

Why You Will Love Dentaxa?

Anyone Can Use

Dentaxa is for all ages, from children to adults. With powerful vibration of different modes, it moves smoothly on your teeth.


No more chances for yellow teeth. Dentaxa helps to polish your teeth and now you can get back to your perfect shining smile.


The ergonomic design helps you control the tip for angles without causing pain. It’s also gentle enough to protect your enamel from lost.

Dentax Vs Others


“I’ve used the plague remover attachment a few times now and my teeth feel very smooth after. I’ll be using it in between dental visits to help minimalize that dreaded plague and tartar. Glad I decided to try it. The price is also great for all that you get.”

Emma J. - New York

Ashley N.

I was slightly afraid to use this at first. It’s not painful at all, is very easy to use, and I do think it is helping my teeth and gums. 

Lauren O.

The product is easy to use and the more you use it in a comfortable you get with the way it feels on your teeth. I really enjoy it!

Pamela W.

This is seriously a game changer for me! Evenwhen I don’t have a tooth problem, this leaves them super clean.