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Securi Personal Alarm Keychain is #1 ranked the best for both men and women of all ages. Equipped with a loud 130db siren and led lights, Securi is budget-friendly with limited 50% discount.

Ear-Piercingly Loud 130db Alarm

High Intensity LED Lights

#1 Brand Trusted By The Police

TSA Friendly And Legal In Every State

Reasons You Will Love Securi Personal Alarm

The #1 Brand Trusted By The Police

You never can imagine what you will come across on your way, so it’s advisable to carry along a nonviolent defense tool for self protection.

Deter Attackers When in Danger

When you activate it, Securi emits an extensively loud noise surprising the attacker. This will buy you sometime to get away from the edge of a knife or running away in time.

Draw Others’s Attention for Help

The piercingly loud alarm can attract the attention of passerby without the need for violence from up to 1000ft away.

User Friendly

The Securi safety alarm is perfectly designed to be portable and easy to carry. It can be attached to your keys, bags, or other easy to access location. There is no need to read a long manual, it is super simple to use right out of the box.

Feel Empowered and Confident

With Securi self defense tool by your side all the times, you gain a peace of mind when traveling or walking alone. Eliminating the fear for assault would boost your confidence to going outside as well.

Durable Rechargeable Battery

Unlike other battery-operated self defense tool, Securi Safety Alarm is rechargeable. For a single charge, it can run continuously for up to 70 minutes, which ensure you can use it right away in the event of threats.

Deter Attackers With A Loud Siren

The Securi Personal Alarm Keychain produces an ear-piercing sound (130db) that will surely disorient and scare off potential threats. It has been proven to deter more attackers vs. pepper sprays and tasers.

Peace Of Mind For You and Your Family

Most city officer encourage vulnerable populations to use these devices, including older adults at risk for falls or medical emergencies or accidents, women walking alone or at night, night workers and children.

Thousands of Happy Users

Securi Safety Alarm strives for being the first consideration when it comes to Emergency/Rescue/Survival Alarms. With affordable price and effective defense offer, Securi has gained trust from thousands of individuals and families.

Securi's Customers

Based on 54,370 reviews

Worth money

Irene S. – Sept 3, 2023

I love everything about this alarm. Great price also.

That's loud!

Robbin G. – Aug 29, 2023

My kids get more use out of playing with this thing 🥴 but it really is so awesome! I feel like every person who doesn’t conceal carry should carry one of these. They would scare off any potential threat. It is LOUD!!!! 

10/10 Would Recommend!

Jason S. – Sept 17, 2023

I got this for my wife as both of us want her to feel she has options for her safety. We both feel this personal alarm is a good, non-lethal way to get attention if needed, and serve to deter in the event she feels threatened.

Great price and better than others

Mindt S. – Sept 20, 2023

I love these personal alarms, they are so loud that if someone approaches you that shouldn’t this alarm will scare them off. and bring attention. The flashlight is very bright perfect for might time use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The alarms will continue to sound until the keychain is put back into the alarm, or the battery runs out.

You can put it anywhere you want! Room keys, apartment keys and car keys are the most common. Be creative!

Absolutely not! Under no circumstances can anyone track your location through Self Defense Siren.

365 days / 2x CR2032 batteries

The intent is to surprise and disorient an attacker, allowing a few precious seconds you need to get away, while drawing attention to your situation.

Certainly anyone who is out by themselves on a regular basis. It is a great gift for an older or elderly person who has limited mobility as they can use it to draw attention if there is a problem such as a slip and fall. Personal alarms are also ideal for children.

Most top out at about 130 decibels. That is sufficient to cause temporary disorientation to anyone standing within a few feet.

Yes, each Securi personal alarm comes with a carabiner for the utmost carrying and storage convenience.

Yes, the Securi is in fact water resistant. While it should not be fully submerged in water, it can remain functional in various weather conditions such as rain and snow.

To activate the Securi, pull out the pin on the top of the device, and to deactivate, just reinsert the pink back.