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Enjoy Peace Of Mind No Matter Where You Are

Guarder is A Must-Have For Anyone

Guarder Personal Safety Alarm helps women to steer clear of the trauma caused by street assault.

This self defense tool is also considered as a saver, when older adults are at risk for accident or medical emergency.

Even your children can take good use of it. The Guarder become their guardian when it comes to situation like stalking or kidnapping.


“I am gifting these to all the girls in my life!“

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Jason H.

Great gift for friends and family!

My kids get more use out of playing with this thing 🥴 but it really is so awesome! I feel like every person who doesn’t conceal carry should carry one of these. They would scare off any potential threat. It is LOUD!!!! You can sound the alarm by either pulling the pin or hitting the side button twice in a row.

I really love this device!

In an informal, unannounced test of this product on my wife, her jumping, screaming, and cursing was still quite audible despite the noise from the alarm. I would not recommend this testing approach, as this alarm is quite startling and jarring if you are not expecting it.

Kevin S.

Mindy I.

I feel safer with this device on my jacket or purse.

Working in the real estate industry is scary at times. Entering homes with strangers, meeting new people…you never know what you’re going to encounter. I already have pepper spray from this brand, but it’s always good to be prepared! I hope I never have to use it, but it makes me feel better with it on my key ring.

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