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“…Now, I’ve got top-notch muscle relief right at my fingertips, anytime I need it.”

The Massagun Pro+, armed with cutting-edge TopTip technology, is your ticket to comprehensive body relaxation and targeted deep-tissue massage.

Say goodbye to soreness and discomfort with six adjustable speed settings designed to meticulously cater to every muscle group. Whether it’s unwinding after a long day or targeting those stubborn knots, deep tissue relief is now at your command.

Why wait for relief? Experience the ultimate in muscle relaxation today.

RATED 4.8/5 (100+ REVIEWS)

FAQ about Massagun Pro+

Is it noisy when using it?

Massagun Pro+ uses noise-reduction technology to be as quiet as possible to allow you to have a quiet operation which won’t bother others around you.

Is it rechargeable?

Absolutely! You receive a charging cable with your carrying case, so you just have to plug it in for it to charge. It can work for an impressive 8 hours when fully charged.

Where can I use it?

You can use it on any muscle group you want, from neck down to your feet. It has 6 attachable massage heads all having its own purpose and targeting different muscle groups.

Does it overheat?

Unlike some other cheap massage guns, Massagun Pro+ is made out of innovative TopTip echnology which doesn’t overheat. However, it still has an overheat protection to protect you from overheated devices.

And to make your journey to ultimate relaxation even smoother, we’re delighted to offer free shipping across Canada and an exclusive discount for every order. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to transform your recovery routine without the extra cost.


RATED 4.8/5 (100+ REVIEWS)

Massagun Pro+

CAD $189.00

With six meticulously calibrated speed settings and a robust motor that can achieve up to 3,200 revolutions per minute, it stands as a pinnacle of performance and precision.

Cordless and portable

8 hours of work time

9mm deep tissue targeting

Ultra quiet operation

Percussive-at-home therapy

Modern display

The Science Behind Our Innovative TopTip Technology

Discover the magic of our TopTip Technology, designed to change the way you relax and recover. TopTip is all about sending just the right kind of vibrations deep into your muscles. 

These aren’t just any vibrations; they’re perfectly tuned to help your muscles heal, get more blood flowing, and ease any soreness. It’s like having a deep massage that reaches places other massages can’t.

4 Attachable Massage Heads

Flat Head: Great for all-over use, the flat head gives a uniform massage across big muscles like your back and legs. It’s perfect for a full-body refresh.

Bullet Head: For precise targeting, the bullet head hits deep knots and tight spots, ideal for the shoulders and calves, helping loosen tightness and aid recovery.

Fork Head: Specially designed for the neck and spine, the fork head massages without direct pressure on sensitive areas, relieving tension and boosting spinal health.

Ball Head: The soft ball head is for a gentler touch on sensitive muscles, offering effective yet comfortable pressure, good for the arms, abdomen, and those preferring a softer massage.

Massagun vs. Competitors

Other brands

Easy to use

Advanced TopTip technology

Up to 3,200 RPM speed

9mm deep tissue targeting

Money-back guarantee

30 days

7 days


2 years

60 days

More about Massagun Pro+

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    Deep tissue massage: You can now have a deep tissue massage and percussive therapy available at your fingertips whenever you want.
  • provacuum-14.png
    6 different speed settings: Allows you to target any muscle group more effectively and adjust the speed to the one you feel most comfortable using.
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    Noise-free operation: Ensures you can use Massagun Pro+ in any occasion without bothering others, you can use it even in the office to relieve stiffness.
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    One Touch Button: You have a full control of Massgun just by touching the button.
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    All Included: You receive additional massage heads, charging cable, and carrying case all free of a charge - we cover everything you need.

RATED 4.8/5 (100+ REVIEWS)

Massagun Pro+

CAD $189.00

With six meticulously calibrated speed settings and a robust motor that can achieve up to 3,200 revolutions per minute, it stands as a pinnacle of performance and precision.


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RATED 4.8/5 (100+ REVIEWS)