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Compact and Portable

Powerful Deep Bass

Wireless BT 5.0 Speakers

This speaker is here to make your music come alive with its powerful sound and sleek design. Whether you’re at home, in a dorm, or out in nature, the MagnaBOOM has your back for a fantastic audio experience. Get ready to enjoy your tunes like never before!

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Enjoy Quality Music on the Go

Meet the Mega MagnaBoom – the latest compact Bluetooth speaker that brings you incredible surround sound for up to 6 hours straight, and it never skimps on that deep, booming bass! It’s got built-in echo and noise-canceling tech for super clear phone calls and a 360° music experience. It’s lightweight, tough, and can handle a bit of water, making it your best buddy for all your big adventures!


Works with BT, handsfree, memory card, USB & Aux input.


Small enough to fit your palm, weighs just 1.2 lbs.


Instant & stable connection with voice recognition & control.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Wireless & Portable

Mega MagnaBoom Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you’re having a relaxed evening at home, throwing a lively dorm party, or dancing beneath the starry skies at your beloved camping spot, these speakers are perfect for any occasion!

Connect With BT 5.0 Chip

Easily link up with any device for seamless wireless streaming, thanks to BT 5.0, providing a rock-solid connection spanning over 15 meters.

Included Inputs

Maintain Sound Richness

Enjoy the depth of sound that goes beyond the audible, where the bass is both heard and felt disruptively.

Easy to Use Wiresless Speaker

Quick pair it with your device via Bluetooth or with USB, Aux. You can take control of it by navigating to easy-to-follow buttons on its side, which is straightforward for anyone.

Rain or Snow Can't Stop It

Wherever you go, its IPX7 water rating allows you to enjoy music without worry.

No Recharge Hassle Anymore

The 1800 mAh battery lets your music run continuously for up to 6 hours for just a single full charge.

More Than You Might Think

Built-in Advanced Features

The Mega MagnaBoom packs a bunch of best-in-class features, which seem to be unmatched with that affordable price and minimalist design. These all come in to complete its mission as the most convenient speaker. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For All Music Lovers

Take It With You Wherever You Want

No more tangled wires and cords, which pose a limitation to your music experience. Now, you can say hello to a new era of on-the-go listening. Just carry it along with you, it won’t take up much space!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Technical Specifications

Dimension:75 x 75 x 149 mm
Weight:0.55 Kgs / 1.2 Lbs
Battery Capacity:3.7V / 1800 mAH
Charging Type:Fast Charging
Changing Options:Adapter, Laptop, Powerbank
Play TIme:Up to 6 hours
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Transmission Range:15 meters
Waterproof:Certified IP6 Waterproof
Inputs:BT, Aux, USB, FM, Memory Card
Speaker Power:5W
True Wireless Stereo:Pairing Enabled

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

What Our Happy Listeners Have To Say

Great sound quality and good bass!

I bought this as a speaker to have in the backyard. Bluetooth works well. What surprised me most was what I actually use it for most of the time.

I recommend this product

I couldn't expect more for that small speaker!

I’m pleased with the sound quality as it’s better than other speakers of this size that I’ve tried. It will not replace larger more expensive speakers, but I got this to have a laptop speaker and it’s size and sound are perfect for this purpose.

I recommend this product

Battery life is perfect for me!

As the title says, the sound is great for my place. I grab it and take it with me from my workspace to the bedroom to the kitchen. Wherever. The battery is lasting perfectly for my amount of use. I barely think about it. I turned it on today getting ready to charge it for a trip.

I recommend this product

Love it!

I love my speaker SO much!! I can’t do yard work without it anymore 😂 I just bought a 2nd one so that I can listen in surround sound. I also bought one for my Mom as a gift and she loves hers too!!

I recommend this product

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. You can take it to the beach, poolside, or any wet environment without worrying about water damage.

Absolutely! The MagnaBOOM Speaker features a high-sensitivity microphone, allowing you to answer calls without disconnecting your device.

Yes, it boasts a stylish design that can double as a decorative element in your home. You can place it on your bedside table, coffee table, or anywhere you’d like.

Yes. Just pair the MagnaBOOM with your phone via Bluetooth and answer calls or control the EQ and volume.

Dimensions are 7.5x3x3 inches, Item weight is 1.12 lbs.

You can be 55feet away from the device!

This connects with Bluetooth on devices such as phones, watches, laptops, tablets, and/or an aux cable if you prefer that method.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee