Light Therapy Lamp for a Healthier And Happier You

Illuminate Your House With Sunshine Even in the Winter.

    1902 Reviews


Gain praise and compliment from top therapists 

100% Safe for Anyone

Contain no harmful substances or deliver no negative effects


Adopt innovative technology to imitate the sunlight 

100% Refund

30-day money back guarantee for all purchases around the world

Seasonal Affective Depression

Prevent You From Enjoying Life


Brain Fog

Poor Focus

Sleep Disorders

Your body is easily affected by the dullness of winter when sunshine is rare and your bio clock works as if it’s at night.

Welly Light Therapy

Say Goodbye to Winter Blues, and Hello to a More Active You

Experience the Welly therapy lamp, your source of sunshine all year round. With just a click, you can effortlessly recreate the refreshing glow of a sunrise or the soothing warmth of a cozy sunset.

Embrace a vibrant life filled with boundless energy, joy, and motivation, no matter the season or your daily routine.

Full Power Of The Sun

Act as a role of the natural sun

UV-free LED Light

Use safe beams and gentle rays

Circadian Balance

Optimize bio clock for better life quality

  1902 Reviews

Make a Big Impact On Your Well-being

Welly’s Benefits

Reap the therapeutic health benefits Welly brings and brighten up every day of the year.

Boost Energy

Welly makes an impact on your brain by increasing positive hormone associated with light.

Enhance Cognition

By tricking your brain into believing in daytime, Welly helps you to stay more focused.

Improve Sleep

Achieve a balance in your bio clock results in a better sleep quality.

Promote Mood

Avoiding the dullness and blues of the winter, you feel more motivated and optimistic.

  1902 Reviews

Your Companion For A Happier Life

Welly’s Key Features

6 Light Intensity Level

Choose the light levels that give you the most comfort. 6 levels ensure to adapt a wide variety of preferences.

Colour Light Adjustment

You can switch between bright morning or cozy evening glow lights easily by just pressing the button.

One-touch Control

With a single touch of a button, you can operate the device and choose preferred settings.

Auto Timer

With the auto-timer, the lamp will be automatically shut off when it’s not needed. No more worry about unexpected energy consumption.

Portable Design

Due to small measurements, the Welly lamp can be fitted into any bag and carried with you anywhere you go.

  1902 Reviews

What People Are Saying About It

See Why Thousands Give Welly a Thumb-up

  1902 Reviews

Overall Rating



2508 reviews

Rating Breakdown

So bright!

“This is a fantastic light. I bought it to use in my windowless office, and while I do think it works very well, it is a little bit much in a public office setting very bright. my co-workers tease me about it a bit, and it’s a little bit harsh to use while working. I appreciate how well it works but I have to keep it off and just use it on my break.”

Mike S. | Texas

Best remedy I've tried so far!

“I’ve been using my lamp as consistently as I can between hospital stays and appointments and can say that it works for me. There is no cure for my sleep disorder, only the ability to reset and then maintain until life circumstances throws it off again.”

Emily L. | California

Happy with the fast results

“I didn’t expect it to help me feel better immediately. I’ve only been using it a few days and for only 20 minutes in the morning, but I can tell that my mind is more clear and I’m less distractible.”

David M. | New York

Really has brightened my life

“This has changed my life. After recently moving to the PNW, my seasonal depression had increased so significantly. This has been such a life changer. I’d say after 3 minutes of use, you’re feeling much more awake. Right after I’m done with it, I get my day started.”

Sarah W. | Florida

Busting the winter blues

“This is one bright light! I used it through a very dark, cold Illinois winter while I drank my coffee in the morning. I’m not sure if the impact came from a psychosomatic experience or an actual change in my brain from this light, but I believe it helped combat my winter blues.”

James H. | Illinois

  1902 Reviews