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Incore Abs Stimulator brings Military Grade precision engineering and technology to fat burning and muscle building. You’ll love using this Hi-Tech Device anywhere, anytime. 

A Newly Launched Invention For Muscle Building And Fat Burning

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“A marvel in technology and design, the Incore Abs Stimulator was built to be used wherever you go. With an LED display on each stimulator pad, it’s never been easier to control the intensity of your workouts, it’s perfect for beginners and pros of all ages, no matter your current body type.”

"This Abs Stimulator Really Works For Me"

“I added the use of the Incore Abs Stimulator to my current workout/nutritional routine and have had fantastic results. It was easy to use right out of the package, as the instructions were succinct yet still sufficiently detailed.”

Bill (Mad Dog) Griffin

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Incore Abs Stimulator Features

(Systemic Workout)

What Makes Incore Abs Special

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Incore Abs Stimulators are made of high-quality materials and electronics, boasting features that are typically only found on expensive models. This makes them an exceptional value for the price, with no comparable products on the market.

Innovative techNOLOGY

Equipped with the latest in EMS body sculpting technologies, Incore Abs Stimulators are designed to help you achieve your desired results quickly. With a LED display, convenient USB charging, and 6 modes and 10 strength levels, you can customize your workout for maximum effectiveness.


Incore Abs Stimulators begin targeting your belly fat as soon as you turn them on. You’ll feel the muscles working in no time, and as the fat begins to melt away, toned abs will start to take shape

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"One of Our Biggest Critics Wanted to See if Incore Lives Up to the Hype" - Here's what happened...

We did our research and found a bunch of positive reviews, but even after all that, some of our biggest critics were still a bit skeptical about the Incore Abs Stimulator’s bold claims. So, we said ‘hey, why don’t you give it a try for yourselves?

We decided to pick our biggest critic, Barry Wilson, to put the Incore Abs Stimulator to the test. Now, Barry is one of the leaders in the weight loss and muscle building industry, and he’s tested thousands of products already. He’s always bragging about how many products he’s proven not to work, so we figured he’d be the perfect candidate.

Week One: 


So get this, after just one week of using the Incore Abs Stimulator for 15 minutes a day, I was totally blown away by the results! My abs were looking tighter, and I swear some of the fat around my mid-section had melted away. And here’s the best part – I didn’t even have to change up my daily routine. I just strapped on the Abs Stimulator and watched some TV.

On the 7th day, I hopped on the scale and did a double-take. The numbers were amazing! But I still wasn’t fully convinced, so I decided to keep at it and see what the upcoming weeks had in store.tely vanished! I am down 2 pant sizes after losing around the excess fat on my body. My love-handles have all but disappeared and can finally see my abs now.  


Week Three: 


I gotta say, after sticking with the Incore Abs Stimulator for 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism have vanished into thin air! I’ve dropped 2 pant sizes and shed a ton of excess fat from my body. My love handles are pretty much gone and I can finally see my abs starting to peek through.


Week Four: 


After sticking with the Incore Abs Stimulator for 4 weeks, I actually lost a few more pounds.I was beyond thrilled with the final results. It feels so great to be able to share my success story with other folks who might be struggling with their weight.

Barry's Overall Feeling:

“I can confidently say that the Incore Abs Stimulator exceeded my expectations. The remarkable increase in lean muscle, reduction in body fat, and overall improvement in physique was almost hard to believe.”