Sapien Heated Insoles

“I gotta say, these heated insoles really blew me away! I’ve been dealing with freezing cold mornings, especially when I’m out and about, but these things kept my feet warm and comfy for hours. With all the snow we got, I thought my toes were done for, but these insoles saved the day. Seriously, I’m impressed – these would make an awesome Christmas gift for sure!”

Get ready for the coziest winter ever with Sapien Heated Insoles! These insoles are like your personal foot heaters, keeping you warm for 8 hours straight. Say goodbye to freezing toes and soles– Sapien Heated Insoles are here to make your winter super comfy and toasty.

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Why Sapien Insoles Should Be Your Choice?

Innovative Heating System

With precise temperature control, our insoles provide reliable heat retention and cold protection. The heating elements are strategically placed on the sole areas, allowing for comprehensive foot heating, leading to ultimate comfort even during frigid winter days.

Safety is always our top priority when it comes to electric products. Operating at a low voltage of 5V, the Sapien socks can be easily charged via USB, it can last for over 6 hours for a full single charge. Forget about high voltage risks – these socks are perfect for daily use, allowing you to enjoy warmth without any concerns.

Carefully Crafted for Comfort

Pad your feet in comfort with Sapien Heated Insoles, made from pure cotton and EVA foam for the ultimate comfortable walking experience. Your feet will be supported by an added layer, which emit warmth while reduce stress on every step you make.

But these insoles do more than keep you warm—they’re like a wellness boost for your feet. Specially placed heating parts use far-infrared fibers to make sure your feet stay warm and cozy. They even help your blood flow better, making them great for people with arthritis, always cold feet, or stiff joints.


Safe and Decent Heating

Our heating technology ensures a safe and reliable heat source, making your safety our top priority.

Comfortable and Breathable

Crafted with well-tested materials, the Sapien guarantees the ultimate comfort for any users.


Even Heat Distribution

The warmth is spread evenly across every inch, providing a consistent and cozy experience.

Portable Remote Control

Control warmth on the go with a handy remote for your Sapien heated insoles.

“I got these insoles for a winter festival, and they made all the difference. Standing around in the cold for hours was a breeze – my feet stayed warm and comfortable. “

Amber G.

Sapien Heated Insoles




Our smart insoles provide personalized warmth at your control, an ideal fit, and gentle support that ensures you stay active in chilly temperatures.

If Sapien Heated Insoles don't meet expectations, we are willing to guarantee a complete refunds.

Sapien vs Other Brands


Other brands

Provide even and steady warmth

Adjustable heat settings

Remote control 

Comfort EVA foam

Money-back guarantee


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If you don’t absolutely love it, simply let us know, and we will refund your purchase in 30 days without any hassle or questions asked. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want you to be completely happy with your decision.


Simply insert the heated insoles into your shoes or boots and turn them on using the included remote control. You can adjust the heat settings to your comfort.

Once fully charged, the insoles can provide continuous warmth for several hours, depending on the heat setting.

Yes, they are designed with safety in mind. The heating elements operate at a safe, low voltage, and they are well-insulated for protection.

The insoles come in various sizes to fit a range of shoe sizes. Please refer to our sizing chart for the best fit.

Loved By Our Customers


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Good for keeping my feet warm

Eric K.

I’ve tried a few heated insoles, but Sapien takes the cake. The three heat levels are a game-changer – I can tailor the warmth to exactly what I need. Whether I’m hiking or just braving the winter chill, these insoles keep my toes toasty, making every step a pleasure.

Winter morning friends!

Misty S.

The remote control is a handy touch; I can adjust the heat without bending down! The warmth is consistent, and the battery life is impressive. A must-have for anyone who dreads stepping out into the cold.

Versatile comfort

Gina H.

I switch between shoes a lot, and the fact that I can trim these to fit is fantastic. The heat is just right, not too hot or too mild, and they’re so comfy that I forget I’m wearing them – in a good way!

Warm feet, happy commute

Sully S. 

My daily bus ride used to be a struggle with icy toes. Since getting Sapien Heated Insoles, my commute is genuinely enjoyable. The warmth is soothing, and the slim design doesn’t make my shoes feel bulky. A fantastic investment for a cozy winter commute.


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