Quick Foot Pain Relief Everyday With This EMS Technology


 11.235+ Happy Customers

Treating those foot-related conditions like swollen legs, numbness, tingling neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis.

This FDA-Cleared Foot Massager ensures you get the desired effectiveness with safety and at an affordable price.


Eliminating Chronic Foot Pain and Neuropathy


🩸 Provide convenient at-home relaxation and potential relief


⚡️ Stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage


💚 Alleviate some symptoms of stiffness, and soreness

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 11.000+ Happy Customers

A Revolutionary Solution to Your Foot Pain

Every day, many people around the world have sore, achy, and swollen feet. This happens because of different reasons like getting older, doing regular things, having a condition like neuropathy, or feeling tension in special spots in their legs called trigger points.

Here a special device comes in, going deep into your feet and treating the pain right where it starts!

It’s like having your own helper that feels a bit like a therapist. The Healthingo EMS Massager could make a significant difference for your foot treatment.

Provide Unique Treatment Relief

You’ll be amazed at how well this massager helps your blood flow better and gets rid of lumps caused by cellulite on your legs and thighs.


It can be adjusted to go fast or slow and be gentle or strong, depending on what you like.


  • 6 Modes – Our intelligent simulation artificial massage techniques allow you to switch between a mode for personal preferences, creating a better personalized relief experience.
  • 18 Adjustable Intensity – Directly stimulate the acupuncture points, slow down physical and mental fatigue, and improve sleeping.

Effective On Your Feet

And More...

Unlock Muscle Relief: Experience the Power of the Ultimate EMS Massager’s Targeted Massage and Vibration Benefits Your Legs and Overall Health.

Immediate Foot Pain Relief

Relieve work-related stress, age, a sudden injury 3x faster

Boost Blood Circulation

Electrical impulses promote blood flow to deep tissues


Soothe Your Leg's Muscle

Cause muscles to contract and relax naturally without much effort

Get Peace of Mind

The feeling of relaxation and pain-free helps you to feel happier

Easy To Use and Set Up

Are you tired from a long day or uncomfortable shoes and do you want to make them feel better with just 15 minutes? Let’s get started with the Healthingo Foot Massager!


FIRST: Attach the special device to the foot mat – it has 3 buttons for different functions


NEXT: put your feet on the carpet, and press the “+” or “-” button to start the device. You can also press “M” to change how it works.


NOW: you’re all set to enjoy a massage right where you are. Use it for 10-15 minutes every day, about 3-4 times a week to get the most out of it.

Real Users, Real Results


Patients with long term injury felt immediate relief.


Noticed a reduction in the appearance of aged swelling.


Saw an improvement after intense workout pain.

All of our users have experienced a positive result to some extent, depending on their condition after a period of 3 weeks!

Over 11,000 Customers Are Using The Healthingo

And Surprised Like Never Before


” After using it a few times, I started noticing improvements. After several sessions, I even felt a difference in my thigh area – it’s like I’ve shed some weight there. I’m absolutely thrilled that I gave this product a shot. The results speak volumes, and it’s a relief to finally find something that truly works! ” 

@ Katherin T.


” While browsing my phone one day, I stumbled upon this massager. After reading countless reviews, I decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be incredibly effective. It helps alleviate my initial issue, becoming a regular part of my massage routine even after the problem was resolved.  ” 

@ Doryn S.


” I purchased this product to address my varicose veins and severe foot pain. I’ve been using it nearly every day for around 10 minutes, just as recommended on the product website, and I must say, it lives up to its claims. The various massage settings are fantastic. “

@ Jack F.

Healthingo Vs Traditional Massagers

When you use regular massagers, you need to hold them on your legs for a long time to feel better. But here’s the thing: while your leg pain might go away, your hands might start to hurt and swell from holding the massagers. 


This is why we brought you the all-in-one hand-free massager – The Healthingo which targets deep tissues and fatigue spots to ease, relieve, and relax while promoting better blood circulation for the whole body.

What Makes This EMS Massager Stand Out?

These are the reason why Healthingo outperforms its competitors on the market convincingly.

Stimulates muscle strength
Reduces Muscle Tension
Long-term pain relief
NO side-effects & addiction
Reduces Cost $$$

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Choose Your Suitable Pack

And Say Goodbye to Your Foot Pain

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11.000+ Happy Customers

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11.000+ Happy Customers

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11.000+ Happy Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, it’s recommended to use the massager while sitting or lying down and focus on the massage experience.

No, the massager is a wellness tool and not a substitute for medical care.

Yes, the Healthingo EMS Foot Massager has multiple adjustable intensity levels to suit your comfort and preference.

Simply attach the operator device to the foot mat, place your feet in the designated area, adjust intensity using buttons, and enjoy the massage.

Customer Reviews


157 Reviews

Laura N.


Totally happy with my purchase, I had already bought before and because of how practical it was for me is that I came back for more, to give away.

Arla M.


The product came entirely well packed and meets my expectations I recommend

Mindy L.


Arrived before the time and fulfills what was promised in value for money. 

Brenda T.


Incredibly makes your feet rest with the massage you give. Thanks for the prompt shipment.

Denis K.


Perfect. Everything works. Acceptable price. Quick delivery. I recommend this store.

James S.


Great product functions exactly, easy to use universal USB C charger. Has 18 power settings which is a bit much

Gavin C.


Item as described, and everything included Not tested yet. After testing, the result will be posted as an additional review.

Ellen T.


I am happy to report that it does help a great deal with my pain but also with increasing the circulation as well. thanks so very much!

Dina T.


 Best products found buy another two for gift not long ago but mine, this is by far the best!! Super recommended!

Kimberly T.


Once again happy with my purchase, equal to product description and great quality. 

June Z.


Arrived earlier than expected in excellent condition, good quality product recommended to, The massage is very good although the intensity must be gradually.

Ruth R.


Perfect. Worth a lot. The product arrived before the deadline and surprised by the quality and functionality.