Luxipaws®️ Dog Training Collar with remote

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Why do you need Luxipaws®️ Dog Training Collar with Remote?

  • 1 x Dog Training Remote Control
  • 1/2/3 x Receiver & Collar
  • 2 x Metal Probes
  • 2 x Silicone Covers
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x LED Tester
  • 1 x User Manual
  1. Turn on the remote by pressing the sound or vibrate button.
  2. Select CH1 (Channel 1) by pressing the CH button on the remote.
  3. Turn on the collar receiver by pressing the power button located at the back of the receiver (The LED lamp will flash every 3 seconds, indicating it has not been paired)
  4. Long press the power button on the collar to send a signal to the remote for the pairing process. (The LED lamp will flash quicker, indicating it is waiting for the remote to accept the signal).
  5. Press the sound mode on the remote to accept the signal. You will hear a long beep sound, indicating it has been successfully paired.
  6. Test each type of correction mode & adjust the intensity level before putting it on the dog’s neck.

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Train Your Dog How To Behave At Ease

Looking for an easy-to-use, effective, and cost-friendly training collar for your furry friend? Look no further than Pedis Dog Training Collar with remote!

Our device offers a variety of correction modes, including sound warning, vibration alert, and static shock, making it perfect for teaching your dog basic obedience commands or addressing more specific behavior issues.

We’re confident that with the right tools, you’ll see positive changes in your dog’s behavior. Join our community of happy customers and upgrade your training system with Pedis Dog Training Collar today!

Complete Features

Adjustable Collar

Collar range from 6 to 28 inches, suitable for most sizes of dogs (between 15-100lbs)

Connect up to 3 dogs

Control the pack using only a single remote control. Best protection for the pack.

IP65 Waterproof

Pedis is built for any weather. Don’t stop your dogs from playing in the weather.

Rechargeable & Portable

Whether you’re camping or traveling, take Luxipaws®️ with you wherever you go

Pedis Training Collar vs Others



Connects up to 3 collars

Wide Control Range

9 Intensity Level

Waterproof Device

No Internet Connection Needed

Easy Setup

One time purchase, no on-going payments

No on-going payments

Easy & Effective Dog Training

Device Dimension

170 x 150 x 50mm


2 headed charing cable


3.7V 300mAh


150g (5.2 oz)

Correction Type

Beep, Vibration, Shock

Suitable Dog Sizes

weigh 15-100lbs

Dog parents deserve

Get Peace of Mind While Giving Your Dog Freedom


The Pedis dog training collar has two parts – a remote transmitter and a receiver collar that goes on your dog’s neck. As the owner, you can use the remote to send different types of signals to the receiver collar.

It works on any type of dog. One thing you should pay attention to is your dog should be 5-6 months old when they are able to receive basic commands.

There is no need to worry as the strap is adjustable. It can be adjusted start from 6 to 28 inches, suitable for dogs of all sizes (between 10 to 110 pounds).

Dog training collars are safe to use so long as you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions. You should always use the lowest level of stimulation possible and then increase it gradually to a suitable level, and most collars should not be kept on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time.

It’s also important to note that even with an adjustable intensity level, you should always start at the lowest setting and gradually increase as necessary.

Sure, but it depends on which device you use. The top training collar above can connect up to 3 collars, letting you to control 3 dogs at a time.


275 reviews

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Janet J.

Better Than the Rest​

Always strong in signal and shock when needed. Our great dane puppy is training much better thanks to this collar and all the options. I bought a cheaper model collar and it didn’t deliver the strength and consistency this one does. Worth every penny.

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Great product!

This e collar is great and I like that it can be manipulated to specific modes on the collar itself & the remote. It’s easy to use and understand. 

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Just what I was looking for. The ability to train multiple dogs with a single remote by toggling between them is great. The remote and collars are solid. After a brief read of the pamphlet I was able to easily figure out the features and get started using the remote and collars. Battery life is great as is the range.

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Katie J.

After three other brands, this one finally worked. I know longer have to yell at our very large puppy.

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Houston B.

A really fantastic product. Solid and well built with a charge that lasts about 2 days if left on the dog 24 hours. It has an audible, a vibration function and of course the shock function.

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Magaret C.

Works miracles

The product is as advertised. I’ve used this brand before and it is easy to use and great for the dog with its many options. We have another dog in the family that uses the same product and works great.

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