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Enjoy Your Music And Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Ritek headphones adopt innovative “open-ear” technology that allows your ear completely open and airy while ensuring sound quality.

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Fit Snugly Around Your Ears

While Multitasking

By combining the immersive experience of high-quality sound with the ability to maintain situational awareness, Ritek provides a well-fit wireless neckband that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine without dropping off.

Lightweight 25g

IP56 Rating

Bluetooth 5.3 and Device Syncing

Protect Your Hearing

150 MAH Battery

Built-in Dual HD Microphones

Fit For Glasses and Hearing Aids

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Key Features of

Ritek Bone Conduction Headphones

Premium Sound Quality

6D panoramic sound and ecological diaphragm speaker delivers crisp vocals and deep bass

Easy To Use

Charge with a regular USB, connect them to
your phone’s bluetooth, and fix them over
your ear

Universally Fit

Flexible wires and elastic clips provide a custom fit around your ear and head, no matter the size and shape

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Open-Ear Design

The headphone leave your ear open without blocking your ear canal, giving a sense of comfort for long-hour use

Touch Control

Simply tap the button to adjust to your desired setting anywhere at any time

Long-lasting Battery

One charge is 5 hours of music listening and
5 days of standby


New Companion In Your Daily Life

Avoid the hassle of ear sore caused by traditional headphones, Ritek sets itself apart by providing the ultimate comfort while remaining the sound quality. This device transmit sound directly to the inner ear by delivering sound vibration through jaws and cheekbones, instead of the ear drums.

Ritek is a safe and comfortable way to listen to music:


No pain, pinching or
scratching or ear canal blocking.

Snugly Fit

Fit ears and heads of all sizes.

Free Your Hand

Allow multitasking while listening to music

Super Lightweight

Feel like you are wearing nothing on your ears

Protect Hearing

No hearing loss caused by loud sound or infection

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Why Choose

Ritek Headphones

Say goodbye to the days of feeling isolated or disconnected from the world when wearing headphones. Ritek empowers you to live your life to the fullest, seamlessly integrating your audio experience into your everyday activities.

Stay in the zone during workouts, stay present during your commute, and stay engaged with your colleagues at work—all while enjoying a continuous flow of music or engaging content.

This new headphone technology sends sound vibrations through your jaw and cheekbone and delivers sound to your inner ear.

The newest bluetooth technology delivers more clear sound without skips or drops.

Get through an entire marathon without skipping a beat.

Water, sweat, and rain resistance lets you workout totally carefree.

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How Ritek Headphones Work

In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Turn on the bluetooth pairing on the headphones by holding down the button

Step 1

Pair with your smartphone, tablet, or
any other bluetooth device

Step 1

Fit the wire over your ear and over your neck, hit “play” on your device, and enjoy your music

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Ritek Headphones

Exclusive 50% Discount

Whether you’re working out, going about your routine, or engaged in various hobbies, Ritek headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite music while staying in tune with your surroundings.

Guaranteed Quality

Ritek was built with quality in mind, ensuring great hearing experience all the time.

Hassle-free Returns

If you don’t like it anymore for any reasons, please drop us an email to get full refund.

Fast & Easy Setup

You are good to go in just 1 minute!

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Ritek has over 52,000 5-star Reviews

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Mia Sohha

“These are ideal for exercise (since they can handle sweat) or anywhere they might get hit with drops of rain or sand. You can even use them in the bathtub without worry of splashing on them (unlike most other over-ear sets), but be very careful not to submerge or drop them in the water.”

Austin D.

“They appear sleek and modern, and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The open-ear design is perfect because it does not drown out my surroundings’ sounds, allowing me to continue hearing and comprehending what is happening outside. I watch much too much spooky media to be unaware of what is going on while I listen to music.”

Jessie C.

“Bone conducting headphones are my favorite to wear for outdoor running. The open ear design makes it possible for me to hear everything that is going on around me, which I find especially necessary when running in the city. I was always a fan of aiwa back in the day and decided to give these a try when I saw these when shopping for a new pair. The sound quality and fit are excellent. I love how lightweight they are and the structured band around the back keeps it from touching my neck.”

Ariana G.

“The design is modern and sleek, making them very comfortable to wear. The open-ear design is perfect for those who don’t want to completely block out their surroundings while still listening to music. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is quick and easy to use, allowing me to connect my phone quickly and start listening to music instantly.”

100% Money Back Guarantee