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Electric Jet

Long Range

Light Weight

Water Proof

“Used this squirt gun a lot and it’s still holding up. Easy to fill, shoots quite far, and is pretty accurate.”

Mike L, California


Powerful Water Gun For Extra Fun In Summer

Get ready to take your water-fighting experience to the next level with Wetery Water Gun – the cutting-edge automatic electric water blaster. Bid farewell to the limitations of manual pumping and restricted range, and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of aqua power and excitement.

Featuring a high-speed motor powered by a durable USB rechargeable battery, the Wetery unleashes unstoppable water bursts that can reach an impressive distance of up to 35 feet. No opponent will be able to escape your drenching domination! With its large-capacity quick-fill tank, you’ll stay fully armed and ready for action while your competitors scramble to refill their guns.

Wherever you are, at a lively pool party or in epic beachside battles, the Wetery Water Gun guarantees hours of blissful fun and entertainment for all ages.

Electric Powered

High Speed Motor

Strong Water Burst

Large Tank Capacity

Long Lasting Battery



Get ready to make a splash with the ultimate precision-engineered water blaster,

designed to bring endless hours of summer fun to both kids and adults alike.



No challenge is too great for this exceptional water blaster, as it delivers precision, power, and relentless soaking action.

Get ready to unleash a tidal wave of victory with the incomparable Wetery by your side!

Precision Shooting

Rapid fire with continuous water bullets that always hit the mark!

Long Range

With water bullets that reach up to 35 feet, no target is too far!

Auto Refill

Submerge into water to fill up the 600 ml tank in seconds, no waiting!

Consistant Hits

From the first shot to the last shot, enjoy the same effectiveness!



The Wetery Water Gun promises to make this summer season one to remember, with laughter-filled moments that will create unforgettable memories. From backyard gatherings to thrilling water park adventures, this water gun is the ultimate companion for all kids and adults.

Adult Pool Parties

Kids Pool Parties

Beachside Fun

Party & Outdoors

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Austin L.


"Summer outdoor fun!

The best review I can give is where were these when I was a kid? These are by far the best water blasters we’ve ever had, especially for the price. Sure, there might be others that shoot faster or farther or whatever, but these are just so easy and fun to use. 


The Wetery Water Gun can shoot up to 35 feet, providing an exciting challenge for kids to aim further and test their skills. The more distance, the more fun!

The Wetery Water Gun has a high-quality rechargeable battery built-in, with a waterproof compartment that opens up to expose the battery. The battery can be removed and charged using a USB outlet for convenient and quick charging.

Yes, the Wetery Water Gun is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for quick refills by fully submerging the gun in water.

The Wetery can run continuously for about 4 hours per single charge. However, this time range will vary depending on how many shots you deliver in a minute. 

The Wetery boasts a remarkable 600ml water capacity tank, providing you with an extended water-fighting experience that surpasses that of traditional water guns without interrupted refill.

The Wetery offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all purchases. Please rest assured when purchasing as you can get full refund without hassle for any reasons.