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Orivio Cordless Water Flosser

4.8 (8)

“#1 Rated Water Flosser of 2023”




  • Powerful and efficient cleaning: Experience powerful and efficient cleaning with the Orivio Water Flosser advanced 3D Pro patented technology. With an impressive 110 psi power, it effectively removes debris and plaque, providing a thorough and deep cleaning experience for your teeth and gums.
  • Large water tank and functional modes: The water flosser is designed with a large 300ml water tank and offers six functional modes, catering to individuals of all ages, including kids. This ensures customizable and convenient flossing to meet your specific oral care needs.
  • Fast charging and long-lasting battery: Say goodbye to frequent charging interruptions. The Orivio’s portable water flosser features a high-capacity (300mAh) battery that supports fast charging. You can rely on this efficient power source for uninterrupted flossing sessions.
  • IPX7 water-proof and portable: With its IPX7 water-proof rating, Orivio’s water flosser is both safe and durable to use in wet environments, such as the shower. For added convenience, it comes with four replacement tips and a travel bag, making it easy to store and transport wherever you go.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and dentist-recommended: Rest assured in your purchase with Orivio, as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This Florida-based company has garnered high ratings and reviews from both experts and users, establishing its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy option for your dental health needs.
  • 1 Orivio Water Flosser
  • 1x Gift Box
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 7x replacable Nozzles built to blast away plaque in different areas
  • 1x Tounge Cleaner
  • 1x Toothbrush Tip
  • 1x Dental Plaque Tip
  • 1x High-Pressure Tip
  • 1x Nose Cleaner Tip
  • 1x Orthodontic Tip

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Your order will be processed within 2-3 working days, and please allow 5-10 business days for delivery in the United States & Canada.

898 Reviews

A M.


It went so well on my teeth. love it!

E O.


I bought a low-price product and then bought it again with this product. Certainly the water pressure is up. It’s better than domestic high-value products. The design was stylish. Delivery is also fast.

I O.


Pressure is good enough. Charge holds (week in use)

T M.


Pressure is good enough. Charge holds (week in use)

S M.


good.very nice good quality

G D.


The same twist, the delivery is more expensive than the declared thermal) to clean the Garno, everything is complete, I am glad to buy. AMI pratsyuyout, the owner of the way Vody.

K R.


I have tried it and it works, recommended

A R.


Excellent very powerful have to even take care at the higher speed if you can not hurt the gum, I’m using 2 weeks and the battery is still in 91% buy at a discount I go for 155 $ some of the best purchases I made in there I have braces on my teeth it helps a lot to guarantee a cleaning 100% not alive anymore without one of that.



It’s packed Good Look product top quality



Look good, work strong hope שיחזיק ככה long lasting

U B.


Received quickly, even if using, per o funciona…mil thanks seller, Luck




M R.


Irrigator works, looks nice

A S.


Thank you, everything matches❤️

J A.


Product well packed, fast shipping

J A.


Broke on the second day

R I.


Very bad pumping weak what cleans you Shi, frankly, who takes the price does not take it shows Shi second best…

T M.


Juge is cool packed, Duge Bagato nozzles, and the device itself is stylish. Yak pratsyu, for an hour!

1 R.


Got a great irrigator. Checked, tried, shoots the water very well and brushes his teeth.