The Top #1 Rated

Powerful Pressure Washer

Take your traditional garden hose to the next level of cleaning and washing.


The water goes through to the hose to the JetPro and build up inside.


The hydro-dynamic narrowing tube turns loose water into a high-powered stream.


Water blasting comes out to remove dirt on the target surfaces.

The Science Behind

JetPro's Technology

The JetPro power washer harnesses the fundamental principles of fluid dynamics and pressure-created principle to form a powerful water blast without the need for electricity or a motor.

When connected to a standard garden hose, the water flows through a specially designed nozzle within the JetPro unit. As the water enters the nozzle, its velocity increases, and the cross-sectional area decreases.

The pressure inside the nozzle and the higher atmospheric pressure outside creates a vacuum effect, amplifying the water flow and increasing its speed even further. The high-pressure stream is capable of effectively lifting off dirt, grime, and debris from various surfaces.

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This Innovative Power Washer Ensures

Effortless Outdoor Cleaning

JetPro takes advantage of HydroDynamic Technology to deliver a high-powered stream blasting away any dirt.

Fit Almost Garden Hose

There is no need to worry whether it is suitable for your garden hose or not. JetPro has got you covered.

Fast and Effective

Just connect it to the garden hose you’ll have the pressurized stream of water right away for cleaning. 

For All Cleaning Needs Outdoor

JetPro can be used for almost anything outdoors such as windows, cars, fences, driveways, decks, brick, and more.


Instead of buying an new electric powerwasher, you can make the most out of your garden hose by using JetPro

How JetPro Works In Real Case

The accelerated water stream exits the nozzle as a focused, high-pressure jet. Upon contact with the mud-covered car’s surface, this high-pressure stream acts like a powerful scrubbing force.

The kinetic energy of the water molecules colliding with the mud particles effectively breaks the bond between the mud and the car’s paint.

Simultaneously, the high-pressure water stream creates a sweeping motion, carrying away the dislodged mud particles along with any other stubborn grime.


You have to use wipers to scrub your car carefully and rinse down it mud, which takes lots of time and effort.


You turn on the JetPro and move it around the car and let it do the job of breaking down dirt and mud easily.

How To Use JetPro

In Just 3 Simple Steps

Set up a power washer has never been easier than JetPro, you can use it right out of the box!

Step 1


Screw on the JetPro to any garden hose.

Step 2

Choose Mode

Select the power mode that fits your need.

Step 3

Wash Away

Control the trigger, move the wand for cleaning.

For All Outdoor Uses

Clean-up jobs that would normally take 20 minutes with a garden hose, but now takes a fraction of the time with this pressure washer.

Over 10,000+ Reviews

What People Are Saying About It


821 Reviews

Jim Stevenson

Great replacement solution for my simpson (honda) 2800 psi pressure washer. Old one had a severe crack in the brass fitting with adjustable settings. This ones a hook up and go. Would highly recommend

Harry Georgia

Nice functioning wand. I like it because the trigger is not locked by default like somewhere you have to push a safety button at the same time you pull the trigger. Decent price for a replacement gun.

John Kim

Was done trying to work with the wand that came with the pressure washer unit. This replacement came quickly. Installed easily. Worked like a charm.

Paul Dorow

The wand is of high-quality materials and I am happy with the way that it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve All The Answer

It is primarily designed for outdoor use due to the high-pressure water stream it produces, which may cause splashing and water runoff indoors.

To store the JetPro, disconnect it from the garden hose, drain any remaining water, and store it in a dry and cool place.

Yes, the high-pressure water stream produced by the JetPro is effective in removing tough stains, but results may vary depending on the type of stain and surface.

It is relatively low-maintenance. After each use, disconnect it from the hose, empty any water, and store it properly. Regularly inspect the nozzle and spray gun for any debris or blockages.