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DarkMate - The Ultimate Lightweight Headlamp With Unbeatable Illumination

Discover the Freedom of Night Vision with with 5 Lighting Modes and 230° Angle Light Coverage.


DarkMate boasts a 230° Field of Light, Ergonomic Design and Hands-Free Control. Whether You're Camping, Hiking or Running, DarkMate Keeps You Safe and Illuminated Every Step of the Way.

Dave J. 

“Good to have around for car camping, laying around the house during a power outage etc. Unable to comment about battery life, performance outdoors in rain etc.”

A Good Camping Companion

DarkMate helps to eliminate any dead spots. No more struggling with locks or erecting a tent in the dark. With DarkMate at your campsite, you can enjoy wide-angle light with your buddies without worrying about the dark.

DarkMate With You Anywhere

With its powerful 350 lumens and 230° field of vision, the DarkMate headlamp illuminates your path and makes you visible to others, no matter where your adventures take you (hiking, joging, cycling, etc.)

Free Your Hand From Holding A Torch    

Put down that old torch and upgrade to our convenient and comfortable headlamp. You now can have bright light while give your hands freedom to their jobs at the same time.

No "Bouncy" Anymore

Looking for a headlamp that won’t slow you down? With sleek design and adjustable headband of DarkMate, you can get rid of those bulky, bouncing headlamps that interfere with your movements. Get ready to light up your path and enjoy your adventures like never before.

On/Off Activation
By Wave Sensor

It has a convenient wave feature that lets you turn it on and off effortlessly with a simple wave of your hand. Say goodbye to fumbling for switches or juggling items with both hands while trying to operate your headlamp.

Adjustable headband for fitting anyone

With its adjustable headband, it can be easily and securely fastened, providing a snug fit that stays in place no matter what activities you undertake in the dark.

Powerful side beam with 5 lighting modes

With 5 distinct lighting modes, including a powerful flashlight, and 4 different brightness levels, you’ll have the perfect lighting for any activity in the great outdoors.

Quick Charge for Long Lasting

The DarkMate headlamp delivers a robust 350 lumens of light with its rechargeable battery, enabling you to complete your tasks safely and without the hassle of cords, chargers, or power supplies. On its brightest setting, it lasts for three hours, while on its lowest, it lasts for eight hours.

Lightweight and Portable

The slim design is comfortable and has a low profile, providing you with the perfect light for an enjoyable night out.

Keep things in Your Vision

Stay Safe and Visible Anytime, Anywhere with DarkMate – The Powerful Headlamp that Makes You Seen and Heard.

See Thousands Of Happy Users Talking About


“We were without power for days. I was able to read a book quite easily with the headlamp. It came in handy walking around the house. Makes a great addition to any Hurricane/storm kit! Highly recommend!”

— Douglas

“I am happy with this headlamp. It is bright, and the angle adjustment works well. Unlike some cheap headlamps, the angle adjustment holds this one in place securely, e.g., it does not move around every time you move your head.”

— Magaret

“This headlamp with fresh batteries is superbright! I had to turn it off when I was talking to people as it pretty much blinded them. The battery lasted a long time too. Worth every penny. So happy to have it.”

— Katie

“We live on an island and the forest is close. If you have to go out at night to the back shed or the dock or the neighbors, these ate invaluably. Nice for reading in bed w a sleeping spouse! Highly recommend.”

— Bobb

Got Questions?

Check out the FAQ’s.

How long it can last depends on the brightness level and lighting mode you use. It can last anywhere from a few hours up to several days. However, the headlamp runs continuously for 3hrs on the brightest setting and 8hrs on the lowest.

Anyone, the DarkMate headlamp features adjustable headbands that allow you to customize the fit according to your head size and comfort.

This smart headlamp typically has multiple lighting modes, such as high beam, low beam, strobe, and SOS. You can cycle through these modes by pressing the designated button on the headlamp.

Absolutely! The DarkMate headlamp is ideal for nighttime running as it provides hands-free lighting, allowing you to see the path ahead clearly and stay visible to others.

Sure, it can withstand rain, splashes, and other wet conditions. However, it is not suitable for submerging in water.

The processing time is 2-3 business days, while the delivery will take about 5-10 days depending on your location and at-that-time demand.