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Ultimately Simple Device For Rear Cleansing

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Sanizi's water jet will get your bottom as clean and sanitary as if you just got out of the shower. By avoiding the use of toilet paper, you can save a bunch of money and save your toilet from getting clogged regularly.

No electricity required – Sanizi relies on the power of water pressure to operate

Friendly to environment – No more use of toilet paper, saving water and forests.

Super easy to use – Twist the dial to adjust your prefered water pressure.

Hand-free – without the use of hand, you are kept away from millions of harmful bacteria.

Sanizi Is Just What You Look For

Get Clean at Comfort

Just twist the dial and Sanizi itself get the job done in a minute. You don’t have to use your hands like with toilet paper.

Adjustable Water Level

Choose the right level of water pressure for you to get cleaning without feeling any irritation.

Great for Kids

This simple-to-use device helps you kids to get used to how to use the toilet effortlessly.

Dual Action Water Jets

The dual nozzles step up Sanizi’s ability to provide ultimate cleanliness and sanitary for both men and women.

Easy Setup and Installation

Anyone can install it easily by following the short manual. There is no need to hire a plumber.

Works with All Toilets

Sanizi Bidet Attachment will easily install on any toilet that features a standard seat or cover.

Ease of Use

With a simple twist of the powerful dial, the Sanizi bidet attachment trigger a soothing stream of water that provides a refreshing cleanse for your posterior. Say goodbye to relying solely on toilet paper, as this gentle water spray ensures a thorough and effective clean.

You have full control over the water pressure by adjusting the dial to your preferred intensity.The Sanizi goes beyond rear cleansing. It also features a front-facing water jet, specially designed for your intimate areas. By turning it in the opposite direction, you can enjoy a gentle and cleanse for your lady parts.

Quick Set Up

Simply position it between your toilet seat and the toilet bowl. The attachment securely attaches to your toilet with two large plastic screws, ensuring a stable and reliable installation. With its user-friendly installation process, you’ll have your Sanizi up and running in just a matter of minutes. No need to worry about complicated setups or additional tools.

Good Fit For Any Home

Gone are the days when bidets were considered exclusive luxury items with high price tags. Thanks to the Sanizi, you can now bring the luxurious, clean, and hygienic experience of a bidet right into your own home at an incredibly affordable price.

What Satisfied Customers Had to Say

Love it!

Jenny K.

I never posted a review when I bought this. I honestly had no idea how I’d like it.
Especially when it really wasn’t that expensive against other products.

Worth money

Alexa S.

This innovative bathroom accessory has left customers wondering why i didn’t purchase it sooner. With its exceptional features and undeniable value for money, it’s no wonder this bidet has gained such popularity.

Installation was super easy!

Hannah H.

So easy to install! I am a 70 year young woman and did it all within 15-20 minutes. Simple, easy to follow directions. I just love the fresh feeling and the fact that I am using so much less toilet paper.

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Not at all! If you’ve ever turned a screw or handled a wrench, installation will only take minutes!

No! Just use your toilet as usual. And if someone doesn’t want to use your Sanizi Bidet Attachment, they can still use toilet paper!

Not at all! Even when on maximum pressure, the Sanizi Cleanse is almost whisper quiet.

Sanizi Bidet Attachment will easily attach to any standard style toilet you can buy. This includes 99% of the toilets on the market.