Best for Larger Dogs

Anti-Bark Max3

“I have 4 very large dog’s, around 128 lbs each, that love to bark continuously. I have tried many different bark collars with not much luck. But these collars work fantastic. They are easy to setup and the battery life is fantastic.”

Are you tired of your dog’s constant barking causing trouble? We’ve got the answer. The Omni Anti-Barking Collar is here to help make your surroundings calm and peaceful.

No more noisy nights or upset neighbors. The Omni Anti-Barking Collar is here to make things better for both you and your dog. Get ready for a peaceful place with the Omni Collar.

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How to Use Anti-Bark Max3?

Step 1

Long press the button on the collar and switch the toggle to A on the remote for anti-bark mode.

Step 2

For both modes, select the button of your preferred mode. You will hear a beep to confirm.

Step 3

Make sure the sensor point of the collar touch to your dogs for transferring the signal effectively. 

What Make Omni Max3 Special?

3 Training Modes

The Omni Max3 has 3 ways to help teach your dog. You can choose to make a sound, give a little shock, or use a gentle vibration. It’s like having different tools to show your dog the right behavior.

Long Lasting Battery

This collar has a battery that keeps working for a whole month. You won’t need to change the battery often, which makes training your dog easier and without being interrupted.

Weather Resistant

Whether it’s raining or sunny, your dog’s training won’t be interrupted. The Omni Max3 Collar can stand up to outdoor challenges and keep working well.

A 2-In-1 Anti-Bark Collar for High Result

With the Max3 Remote, you can take control of it from a distance. It’s like having a special remote for your dog’s collar. You can adjust the settings without needing to be right next to your dog. This makes training convenient and effective at the maximum.

“The first time he barked with the collar on (we only had it on the beep), all it took was 1 time to beep and that was all he needed. Any time after that that we’ve put it on him, he knows not to bark. Work like a charm!”

Mindy B.

Omni Anti-Bark Max3




Omni Max3 helps to train your dogs not to bark effortlessly, saving you time, money and effort instead of taking them to a dog school.

Exprience Omni Anti-Bark Max3 with our free trial lasting 30 days from purchasing.

“These collars are great and have really helped the dogs barking. I like that it is rechargeable and has different settings for progressive discipline. Works great, and rechargeable battery is nice!”

Kelly B.


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