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TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews

From Near to Far, Our Single Pair of Glasses Ensures Optimal Vision For Anyone


Key Features

Full Focus Control

Each lens can be dialed and fine-tuned independently, providing a tailored solution for individuals.

Comfortable to Wear

You can enjoy both exceptional vision and unparalleled comfort, making your eyewear journey a truly pleasant one.

Adjustable Lens Technology

With the ability to adjust from -6 to +3 diopters, our glasses accommodate individuals with varying degrees of eye conditions.

Anti-scratch Coating

This coating acts as a shield, ensuring that your lenses stay clear and free from unsightly scratches.

Super Easy to Clean

OptiFlex is thoughtfully designed to repel dust and oil, avoiding the hassle-free of frequent cleaning.

Durable Frame

No matter how adventurous or fast-paced your life may be, our glasses are up to the challenge.


More Than Just Normal Glasses

Unlike other adjustable glasses available, which often have a very narrow range of vision capacity, sometimes covering only one or two diopters, OptiFlex is a much wider and more versatile solution. Designed to cater to a broad range of users and occasions, OptiFlex provides a reliable and well-rounded visual experience.


One Pair Fits All Activities

These glasses can be easily dialed to match your specific needs in any situation, without carrying separate reading, driving, or other pairs of glasses. With OptiFlex, you can enjoy the freedom of having one pair of glasses that adapts effortlessly to your liking on the go.

TrustScore 4.7 | 1,938 Customer Reviews


3 Simple Step to Follow

Put Your OptiFlex Glasses On

You can rest assured that they are designed to sit comfortably on your nose at regular eye level.

Adjust Lens Strength

Cover each of your eye and twist the dials, then check if that level meet your needs.

Enjoy Your Best Vision

That’s it. Now you can sit down reading your favorite book or drive around the city with your best vision. 


Custom Your Eyesight From Anywhere


What People Are Saying About OptiFlex

Rated 4.7 / 5 Based On 1,938 Customer Reviews

Comfortable to wear

“I love my OptiFlex adjustable glasses! They are so versatile and comfortable to wear. Whether I’m reading, working on the computer, or simply going about my day, I can easily adjust the lenses to fit my specific vision needs. No more switching between multiple pairs of glasses. Highly recommend them.”

Mark D.

Make my lifer easier

“I was skeptical about adjustable glasses at first, but OptiFlex has gone beyond my expectations. The range of diopters is impressive, allowing me to fine-tune the lenses to my exact prescription. The quality is excellent, and they sit comfortably on my face. OptiFlex has definitely made my life easier.”

Thomas A.

Truly what I need

“This is quite a good friend for me. As someone with both nearsightedness and farsightedness, it’s been a struggle finding glasses that can meet my needs. OptiFlex adjustable glasses have been a perfect solution, allowing me to dial in the perfect lens strength for any task. Love it!”

Sarah G.

A cost-effective solution

“These adjustable glasses have been a cost-effective solution for me. Instead of buying multiple pairs of glasses for different activities, I can rely on my OptiFlex glasses for all my vision needs. The adjustable feature is convenient and easy to use. They are surely worth the money.”

Lisa M.

10/10 Investment

“As someone who’s constantly on the go, having one pair of glasses that can adapt to different environments is a game-changer. The adjustable feature is easy to use, and the glasses are sturdy and durable. I can’t imagine traveling without my OptiFlex glasses anymore.”

Micheal S.

Perfect Choice!

“OptiFlex glasses have truly improved my quality of life. I used to constantly switch between glasses. OptiFlex has simplified everything. I can seamlessly adjust the lenses to match my needs, and they fit perfectly on my face. I highly recommend OptiFlex to anyone with eye conditions like me.”

David R. 


OptiFlex Makes Your Life Easier

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